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This beautifully crafted yoga practice kit bag is both stylish and practical.It is designed to hold a standard yoga sticky mat,yoga strap,yoga blocks,yoga blankets and water bottle.It is like a handbag with it’s short handles,and is a “Hold All” for your Yoga Mat Bag Kit supplies.The outer pocket is well designed and beautifully embroidered with inspirational chakra design on the center.

There are different chakra designs for different colors of bags, all the colors look gorgeous! Carry handle for hand-held or to be put over the shoulder. This Yoga Kit Bag has a strong zipper running it’s length at the top. Made from heavy cotton twill fabric. Shown is the Orange colored bag and each color of bag has a different corresponding chakra design,as shown in the image gallery. Approximate size is 29 X 7 X 7 inches

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