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The Smart Eye Massager Mask that not only gets rid of puffy, tired eyes but also takes care of under-eye dark circles due to sleep deprivation or constant use of a computer.

Look and feel refreshed with this USB heated eyemessagermask. As soon as you press the temperature button, the indicator light comes on and you start to feel the warmth within a minute or so. To consistently and gentlymessages the eyes, set up the temperature that suits you and a timer thatautomatically shuts off when the time is up. The mask is environmentallyfriendly and is washable, givesyou a spa-likebeauty treatment for your eyes you canachieve at home at a fraction of the cost.

Be the Visionary… See the various benefits of this Eye Messager Mask and get yours today.


    • It is made of a combination of high-quality Cotton and Lycra.
    • An ergonomically designed mask covers the eyes smoothly snd messages the eyes gently.
    • It has 4 levels of heat temperature ranging from 40 to 50 degrees C.
    • You can set up the timer up to 15 to 30 mins.
    • Auto shut off feature when time is up.
    • Safe to use and a great gift for parents, friends, and for anyone who loves beauty treatments.

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